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Over the years, scientists have eventually come to agree that many of the human illnesses and modern diseases such as colon cancer, toxic liver, allergy, declined immunity, malnutrition, constipation etc. are closely associated with the composition of microorganisms in the gut especially with the fast disappearing of BIFIDUS. Further more, scientific statistical report indicated that BIFIDUS show signs of reduction in the gut from all age groups in recent years. To our surprise, such a bad sign is very mush related to the prevalence of today’s modern disease like cancer. Therefore, we need to make sure that BIFIDUS are strong, and with sufficient numbers to combat the harmful microorganisms in the gut. Nevertheless, how to go about it?

It’s no big deal! We know that BIFIDUS rely on the food we take, but ever have we think of the food that specifically feed them? Normally, the friendly microorganisms feed on the dietary fibers in our daily meal. Luckily, today from the biotechnological discovery, a specially designed food (BIFIDUS factor) for our BIFIDUS is finally invented –iso-maltooligosaccharides (IMO). IMO is a natural nutrient sweetener refined from corn starch through enzymatic hydrolysis, which can multiple the quantity of BIFIDUS tremendously within weeks up to 100 times. Let’s take a closer look into the scientific facts for the beneficial effect of this functional carbohydrate:-

1. Gut Microbial Balance, First Line of Defense And Anti-Cancer

Unlike table sugar (sucrose), IMO will not be decomposed by enzymes from the stomach and small intestine, whereas it only feeds, promotes and strengthens the growth of BIFIDUS. Fermentation on IMO by BIFIDUS produces essential cleansing agents like acetic and lactic acid, which keep the pH of their surroundings all the while acidic (low pH). Acidic  environment keeps the gut away from harmful microorganisms, on the other hand, promotes the growth of health relevant microorganisms (friendly floras). The metabolites produced by harmful microorganisms are mostly poisonous, toxic and cancer provoking (carcinogenic). Acidic environment will stimulate the movement of intestine (peristalsis) and speed up the discharge of toxic compounds from the body.

2. Anti-Aging And Rejuvenating
Actually, most of the health problems arise from the upset of gut microbial balance. Imagine if we have no protection at all from friendly floras in the gut and simply allowing the toxic compounds produced by harmful microorganisms to plunge into the blood stream freely. That will definitely burden our liver and kidney. Overwork or exhaustion of these important organs will eventually create more havoc to the rest of the body system and finally the detoxification function of the body will fail. Anti-aging and rejuvenating can be attained if the bodily cells, tissues and organs are perfectly maintained and refreshed.

3. Enhance Immune System And Alleviate Allergic Problems
Many clinical studies have proven that BIFIDUS and some friendly floras are anti-inflammation and speeding up recovery of patients especially after surgery. The reason is due to the fact that these microorganisms can stimulate the immunological response and promote the production of antibody. That’s the common practice in the West to encourage the consumption of yogurt together with probiotic supplements during or after medication. Besides, clinical studies also found that allergic problems which commonly affect children are largely connected to the nature of microorganisms in the gut, with harmful microorganisms as the majority will therefore disrupt the normal immunological reaction. IMO ingestion in this case is to proliferate BIFIDUS and friendly floras so as to create a balance that finally modulate the over reaction pattern if immune response.

4. Less Sweet, Low Calorie And Anti-Carcinogenic
IMO is less sweet as compared to table sugar (half of sucrose’s sweetness) that we use daily. It carries very minimal calories of 2.7-3.3 cal/g due to its indigestible and unabsorbable properties in the stomach and small intestine. Hence, it is a blessing to those who are keen on dieting and wish to stay in good shape, also as a gift to diabetes patients who need to control blood sugar level all the while. “IMO do not affect your blood sugar level and insulin production”. IMO is also not fermentable by the culprit microorganisms that cause dental problems (tooth decay etc).

5. Reduce Serum Cholesterol Level

Besides the cholesterol obtained from food, most of the cholesterol are produce in the liver. Bile acid or bile salts are derived from cholesterol to work as emulsifier of fat in the small intestine during the process of lipid digestion and vitamin A absorption. BIFDUS helps to reduce the recycling of bile salt into the blood stream, which will encourage the continuous conversion of cholesterol into free bile acids for use, causing less deleterious effects to our body.

6. Improve Minerals Absorption Such As Calcium (Ca) And Iron (Fe) In Foods
IMO fermentation by BIFIDUS and friendly floras create an acidic environment, which is favorable to the absorption mechanism of Ca and Fe from the small and large intestine. IMO invention is definitely a good news to the osteoporosis and anemia affected people in the hope to improve their condition.

7. Enrichment Of Vitamin B1, B6 And B12
Healthy and robust BIFIDUS will produce essential vitamin B especially B1, B6 and B12 to nourish the body and as a backup from our daily diet, in which much are destroyed during long hours of cooking and preparation. For vegetarian, IMO is definitely their savior as they normally find deficiency of these particular groups of vitamins.

The Common Reactions & Symptoms After Taking IMO.

Daily excretion of faeces will gradually turn to a lighter colour, slightly yellowish depends on individual, different from the previous dark brown or blackish ones as observed. The bad odor from the faeces will slowly disappear and rather replaced by a slightly sour smell of “spoiled milk”. All the changes show signs of growth for BIFIDUS, a remedial group rather than the harmful ones.
Some individual may feel uneasy and have a slight stomach bloating in the beginning of IMO intake. But, it is a common symptom and basically due to a serious shortage of BIFIDUS and friendly floras in the gut of those people, which cause incomplete digestion of IMO. These individuals are recommended to reduce the IMO dosage by half for a short period of time (2 weeks) and at the same time increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. This symptom will disappear very soon.

For constipated individuals, discharge of strong odor and blackish hard stool or soft stool (individual dependent) will happen during the intake of IMO.

All the above show signs of reaction of BIFIDUS and IMO in the gut, which are normal and need not to be worried so much


多年来,科学界都一致认同,许多疾病,如大肠癌、便秘、过敏症、免疫失调、营养不良、肠胃病、肝毒等等,皆和肠道内的维生物群息息相关,特别是当双叉杆菌 严重的减少时。况且,近代科学家也发现不论大人小孩或老年人的益菌数量一直有徐徐下降的迹象。这也许跟我们现代人的饮食有关,特别是精致的食品,只有微量 的纤维,大大不如过去人的饮食了。惊人的是,这种迹象跟近代越显频繁的现代病如癌症等都有密切的关系。您我又怎能忽视呢?那又如何处理呢?


现在的科学已经研发出一种能特别滋养双叉杆菌(通称“双岐因子”)的食物-异麦芽寡糖,简称IMO。IMO是采用天然食用玉米淀粉,经先进生物科技所研发 而生产的机能性寡糖。连续服食数星期后,可增加双叉杆菌的数量数十倍到一百倍。以下为您介绍有关IMO在科学领域所发现和公认的好处:

1. 整肠、第一道防线、防癌
IMO跟一般的食用糖(蔗糖)不同,因为它不会被肠胃道里的酵素所分解,而直接进入大小肠,而且只是能够供应我们所关心的益菌,双叉杆菌所食用并能大大的 增殖。寡糖经过分解代谢之下,产生有净化作用的醋酸和乳酸,并能促进肠道的蠕动,利于改善便秘。同时,乳酸、醋酸经常保持肠道壁的pH值偏低,有助于抑制 害菌的泛滥。同时,pH偏低的环境能提拔其它的友善微生物滋生。害菌的代谢物质,一般皆属毒素,而且过量会使细胞中毒、病变而产生肿瘤。

[ 2. 防老、驻颜]

其实,许多健康上的问题都源自于肠道内的微生物群所构成的反常现象和病症。想象缺乏益菌的保护下,任由大量坏菌所产生的有害代谢物质渗入血液中,最后只有 加倍肾脏和肝脏的负荷而形成衰懈。种种的并发症就会接踵而来,未老先衰是因为身体的器官操作不来而崩溃所引起的现象。只要减少体内的毒素就是驻颜和防老的 良方。

3. 提高免疫系统
许多临床实验证明,双叉杆菌和其它益菌都有助于消炎并促进健康的作用,特别是对那些要动手术的病人。其原因是,益菌能够激发免疫反应,并促成抗体。所以, 一般在国外都会鼓励病人加倍食用酸奶并添服益菌(PROBIOTIC)。同样的,长期服食寡糖可以确保人体中,原有的天然益菌能够加强免疫的工作。

4. 减轻过敏症状

5. 降低血液胆固醇
除了在食物中所摄取的胆固醇外,大量的胆固醇都产生于体内(肝脏)。胆酸是由胆固醇所形成,主要是有助于脂肪的分解和维生素A的溶解和吸收。有科学报导认 为,双叉杆菌能帮助抑制或减少分泌到小肠道内的胆酸回收并循环到血液中从新利用。如此一来,新生的胆固醇会继续被转化成胆酸而不至于停留在血液中而形成过 量的现象并威胁健。

6. 提升矿物质的吸收率,如钙质和铁质

7. 维生素B群 (B1、B6和B12)的合成


[8. 低热量性质的甜味剂、抗蛀牙]

寡糖比一般食用糖度低(低于一半)。基于它不被人体内的酵素所分解、吸收和转换成热量,但只限于肠道内的双叉杆菌所代谢利用,所以每克的寡糖仅有 2.7-3.3大卡的热量。同时,寡糖并不会造成血糖的提升。因此,它是很适宜有需要控制血糖和热量的人士,特别是糖尿病患者和在积极瘦身的朋友。由于寡 糖也不被造成蛀牙的坏菌所发酵利用,小朋友和作母亲的更可以不必操心有关蛀牙的头痛问题了。

  1. 粪便的颜色会慢慢的变浅,呈黄色,不像以前一般的深黑色。其粪便的味道也逐渐变淡,而且会开始发出淡淡的乳酸味。呈黑色和难闻的粪便证明了肠内的坏菌腐化代谢作用很盛,然而开始变酸变黄褐色的粪便就反映了双叉杆菌繁殖的迹象。
  2. 有些人刚开始服用寡糖时,会面对轻微腹胀和便秘的现象。不过,这都是很正常的反应,因为这些人的肠内严重的缺乏益菌,所以一时无法完全分解代谢全部的寡糖。只要在短期内(两星期左右),稍微把服食量减半,然后增加水果和蔬菜的用量就会有所改善了。
  3. 对于长期便秘的人,在服食寡糖期间,也许会排出多年来所积存又黑又臭的宿便。除此,有些人可能会面对肠管短暂的轻微刺痛。以上的现象都显示寡糖和益菌在清理和整顿肠道的反应,毋须过于担心,皆属正常。

Consult Our Nutritionist ? 询问我们的营养师

1. Will consuming IMO interfere with our daily nutritional supplements like vitamins, minerals etc?

No, it will not. On the other hand, it does improve the absorption of nutrients you haven taken. Why? Once the growth of BIFIDUS is stimulated by IMO, they create an environment in favor of the other friendly floras. The whole assembly will respond to the production of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA), which are important metabolites that maintain the normal function of gut cells and further enhancing nutrients absorption.

2. If I am taking “PROBIOTIC” supplements, do I need to further taking IMO?

I think that will be even better. I am not saying that probiotic is not effective, but clinical studies told us that large proportion of orally consumed probiotic are weakened or destroyed through the long passage of gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the combination of PROBIOTIC and IMO (PREBIOTIC) is what the scientist defined as  SYNBIOTIC, which promotes the proliferation of the existing naturally found friendly floras in the gut as well as those consumed from external source.
当然更好。一般口服的益菌在临床证明,大部分的益菌在通往大小肠的过程中已经不再活跃或死亡(因为难抵胃酸)。况且,外服的益菌,虽然都源自人体,不过却 出奇的不能长期逗留在服食者的体内。所以,能够配合服食寡糖(又名PREBIOTIC)和益菌(PROBIOTIC)就是科学界所谓的“共生效应” (SYNBIOTIC)可以确保外服的益菌能够延长停在体内的时间,同时也滋长体内原有的天然益菌。

3. Can I continue taking IMO while having antibiotics or undergoing radio/chemotherapy treatment?

Yes, you can. Most of the antibiotics prescriptions by doctors are “broad spectrum” which kill all germs without taking into consideration of the friendly floras in our gut. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to take IMO more frequent in order to safeguard friendly floras so as to boost up your immune system. Cancer patients need to have more IMO and probiotic supplements to improve their immune system during medical treatment. Clinical reports are quite confident on this.
当然可以。一般的抗生素,都不分青红皂白,将好的、坏的微生物都一一歼灭不放过。既然如此,您更有必要加倍服食寡糖,以激发它们的滋生和强壮。不管是病时 或者是病后,应鼓励大量的补充益菌和饮用酸奶。正在接受疗程的癌症病患者,应该服食寡糖、益菌和多饮用酸奶,以提升自己的免疫能力。临床报告对这方面的服 食效果非常乐观,可借参考。

4. Can pregnant women take IMO?

Yes, they have to. Pregnant women must take more precautions on their gut healthy. During pregnancy, it is necessary to make sure that BIFIDUS and friendly floras are at their fittest condition to fight off pathogens. A healthy pregnant woman will have large numbers of friendly floras (especially Lactobacillus acidophilus) in the vagina, which ensures the baby to be born is safe without contamination from harmful pathogen.
可以,而且有必要这么做。怀孕的妇女,更需要坚持肠道环保的工作。增殖双叉杆菌和其他益菌是绝对不可缺的工作,因为阴道的卫生是直接和肠道的健康密切相连 的。健康的阴道一般会有大量的益菌存在,特别是乳酸菌,尤其是在怀孕待产的阶段,更应大量的提升。这将确保婴儿在产下时不轻易的被坏菌所感染。

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