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The fascinating process of making honey begins when the bees feast on flowers, collecting the flower nectar (80% of water content) which is stored in what's called a "honey stomach", then mixes with special enzymes and store nectar in beehive. The worker bees evaporate moisture contents resulting viscously, transparent, translucent and shining fluids called honey. Due to variety of plant sources, the quality of honey is greatly different, as well as grading. It can be classify according to the species of flower, 
season, color or qualities of nectar.

Ingredients: 70% Honey 30% Oligosaccharide

Suitable for everyone, especially those:

Elderly, Children, Constipation, Colitis, Hypertension, Asthma

Primary Applications
• Skin • Digestion • Asthma • Anemia • Healing wounds • Weight Control 
• Osteoporosis • Hay Fever • Diarrhea • Conjunctivitis • Infertility • Insect Bites
• Stomachache • Appetite • Baldness • Headaches & Migraine • Colds and Coughs
• Insomnia • Constipation • Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties • Fatigue and Exhaustion

Healthy Benefit

Gastrointestinal Ailments And Diseases
Regulate gastrointestinal functions, relief stomach pain and anti-inflammation properties, help regulate stomach acid and accelerate healing of ulcers. Relief  constipation.

Respiratory Ailments And Diseases
Help lung to function better, treating and reducing the effect of asthma and tuberculosis.

Vascular Disease
Positive effects in regulating blood components, and promote heart, brain and vascular function.

Liver Diseases
Liver protector, promote regeneration of liver cell, suppress the formation of fatty liver.

Healing For Cuts, Wounds And Burns
Used as natural cure in first aid treatment for wounds, burns and cuts, as it has antiseptic properties inhibits the growth of certain bacteria.

Provide essential nutrients and increase the physical stamina and energy level of the human body, remove tiredness and fatigue after hard work almost instantly, enhance immunity against diseases.

Beauty And Skin Care
Reduce skin problem  ie fade away dark sport and whitening function, extremely nourishing for the skin.

Nutrition Analysis
The less water content the honey has (<18%), the better the quality of honey, usually not excess 22%.
0.3% amino acids.
Almost 20 types of minerals content equivalent of human serum, about 0.06%.
Various types of acids, mainly organic acids are gluconic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, formic acid and malic acid while phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid as inorganic acid. The average pH of honey is below 3, maximum is 4.
Turbidity, bubbling and color of the honey are due to colloidal substances which light color honey content 0.2% while darker honey content 1%.
65-80% natural sugar, mostly glucose and fructose are absorbed by the body quickly and gives and immediate energy boost.
More than 20 types of vitamin present for promote growth and metabolism.
Enzyme present in secretion of the bee saliva mainly sucrose which hydrolyzes the sucrose into glucose and fructose, as well as amylase, glucose oxidase, catalase, reductase, phosphatase.
Aromatic substances mainly come from the nectar. Main ingredients are alcohol and oxides, others such as esters, aldehydes, ketones, free acid etc.

Honey can be taken directly or dilute with water but not boiling water. Enzyme, vitamin and mineral would be destroyed; even color, aroma and texture are spoiled by high temperature water. Therefore better dilute with <35℃ lukewarm water.

For therapeutic purpose, adult 100ml per day but not more than 200ml which can be taken 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, night), 30ml to children , but determine the quantity mostly depend on age. 10-50ml as daily consumption which is good for general health care.

Usually more appropriate time for intake honey 1-1.5 hour before meal or 2-3 hours after meal. Excessive of gastric acid or hypertrophic gastritis, especially those having inflammation of stomach and duodenum, suitable consume honey with lukewarm water 1.5 hour before meal. It can inhibit secretion of gastric acid, thus reducing gastric acid, less stimulate mucous membrane but simultaneously conducive to heal ulcer. Those lacking of gastric acid or atrophic gastritis, suitable consume honey with cold water follow by meal. People with neurasthenic advice to take before sleep which can promote better sleeping quality due to it nutritional properties.

Do not take honey with tofu and leek which easily lead to diarrhea.

Babies under one year of age should not be fed raw honey, as their immune systems are not yet developed enough to fend off bacillus botulinus which may be caused food poisoning.


Honey can be kept at room temperature and should not be stored in too cold nor too hot place. It does not spoil even with no preservatives and additives.




成份:70%蜂蜜,30% Oligo寡糖


主要应用 • 皮肤 • 愈合伤口 • 消化 • 秃头 • 抗菌剂和抗真菌性 • 腹泻 • 感冒和咳嗽    • 哮喘 • 便秘 • 头痛与偏头痛 • 胃疼痛 • 控制体重 • 疲劳 • 贫血 • 骨质疏松症 • 结膜炎• 胃口和失眠 • 不孕 • 花粉症 • 昆虫叮咬
















Question & Answer 有问必答:

What is raw honey?

Raw honey refer to honey as it exists in the beehive or as obtained by extraction, settling or straining without adding heat above 120℃. Raw honey contains some pollen and may contain small particles of wax.

Difference between raw honey and ripen honey?

Application of honey divide into raw and ripen usage in Chinese Medicine respect, raw usage mean can administer direct orally, moisturizing lung, treat constipation for the elderly and as nourishing food, external use for treat burn. While ripen usage means making pill after refine.

How to choice good quality honey?

Low moisture refers to high-quality mature honey such as BIO Nutra Oligo honey while immature honey contains high water content, easily ferment to change quality, not conducive to preservation, even transform the shape of container or burst out.
BIO Nutra寡糖蜂蜜是成熟的优质蜂蜜,水份含量低好保存;而不成熟的蜂蜜,含水量高,容易发酵变质,不利于保存,甚至将装蜂蜜的容器胀坏或冲出容器外。

Why mix oligosaccharides into honey?
When oligosaccharides are consumed, the undigested portion pass through stomach and intestine, it serves as food for the microflora, improve colonic ecology, increase the number of friendly bacteria in the colon while simultaneously reducing the population of harmful bacteria, promote better digestion, improve elimination of toxic compounds and increase absorption of mineral. Intake of oligosaccharide found no effect on blood glucose and insulin level, instead control blood lipid level, instead synergy the effect of honey.

Is honey allowed in diabetic diet?

Clinical studies have shown that BIO Nutra Oligo Honey is a healthier choice. Comparison Glycemic Index between sugar and other non-nutritive sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame in diabetic diet, honey has lower Glycemic Index.

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