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Lactobacillus Effective In Slow Down Aging Process
Dr. Metchnikoff (Nobel Prize laureate), a Russian Microbiologist was perhaps the first researcher concluded in 1908 that the long life span of the Balkan people was due to the ingestion of large quantities of lactobacilli and other lactic organisms through fermented foods which inhibit the growth of dangerous pathogenic microbes that cause infection and disease. High intake of lactobacilli, enhance the decomposition process, reduce destructive harmful bacteria and prevent formation of numerous harmful substances. Thus, lactobacillus is vital for maintaining youthfulness and slowing down aging process.

HP-Probic yields up to 30 billion viable bacteria per sachet. Its unique combination of six different strains of perfect natural activated bacteria consist of A Bacteria, L Bacteria, C Bacteria, SL Bacteria and MS Bacteria work synergistically to promote superior growth of beneficial bacteria. These probiotics are resistant to acidic condition as low as pH 1.2. Therefore, their activities are not affected by gastric acid. They play the environmental protection role in the intestinal tract, effective in inhibiting growth of “bad” bacteria and stimulate the immunity system.

Contains 6 Strains Of Perfect Good Bacteria

A Bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus
B Bacteria Bifidobacterium bifidus
SL Bacteria Streptococcus lactis
L Bacteria Bifidobacterium longum
C Bacteria Lactobacillus casei subsp
MS Bacteria Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp

Lactobacillus Suitable For:

•    People with constipation, abnormal soft stool, chronic diarrhea and hemorrhoids.
•    People with degenerative diseases.
•    People who suffer from fatique, inability to concentrate and decline in memory.
•    Adults or aging people suffering from hypothenia or sexual incompetence.
•    Kids or adults with poor digestive function.
•    Women suffering from menstruation disorder.
•    People who suffer from body adour or skin problems due to improper toxin emission.
•    People with facial blisters and freckles due to improper emission of toxins.
•    Children or adults with weak immunity system and body resistance.
•    People with long term intake of antibiotic, contraceptives, steroids, drugs, etc.
•    Alcohol drinker or people with poor liver system.
•    People who are frequently exposed to pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones.
•    Over consumption of junk food. People suffering from obesity.
•    People with bad breath and colic.
•    People with high cholesterol.
•    People with fungi or yeast infection of the vaginal that causes white discharge in women.
•    Baby without breast feeding or weaning baby.
•    Travelers with stomach discomfort.
•    People overloaded with pressure and inconsistant in their daily meal time.
•    People with rough skin who wish to improve skin condition and promote metabolism.
•    Vegetarian.

Vibrant Health Begins From The Gastro-Intestinal Tract
Intestine also represents an organic ecology. Good bacteria in human body are the first line of defence for our digestive and excretory system. The human large intestine contains 100 distinct species of bacteria and an estimated trillion viable bacteria per gram of content. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria enjoying a complex symbiotic relationship with each other to reach the natural balance. Lactobacilli are the bacteria that normally found living in the intestine and vagina after birth. These bacteria occur in a large amount and intimately involved in inhibiting growth of pathogenic organisms, producing natural antibiotic, excreting large quantities of acetic and lactic acid and promoting absorption of calcium and amino acid. Meanwhile, they also produce substantial quantities of vitamins B including Thiamin, Riboflavin, B-12, vitamins K, vitamins H, nicotinic acid, folic acid, etc and other nutrients. These essential nutrients are absorbed by the small intestine into the bloodstream, carried to the organs in the body where they are needed for growth.

Where The “Bad” Bacteria Come From? Aging Begins In The Colon
The balance of beneficial flora in the gastro-intestinal tract is most commonly disrupted by stress, harmful environment, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, long term intake of antibiotics, contraceptives steroids, drugs etc. Some of the symptoms in early stage are flatulence and bloating, chronic diarrhea, constipation, weak resistance to disease, sore throat etc. and the end result is the onset of chronic degenerative diseases. These toxins will destroy the surface of the intestinal mucous membranes (villi) and microvilli, causing “Leaky gut syndrome”, leading to the suppression of body resistance and is the main cause for contracting cancer. Long term intake of large amount of probiotics supplement can prevent the aging of colon; create a clean bowel environment and maintain a pollution free gastro-intestinal tract. Consequently, probiotics are the important natural antibiotics for human.

Method Of Application:
Live microbial counts    : 10 billion/gram
Content                            : 3g x 20 sachets
Suitable for                      : infant, adults, pregnant women, aging people and vegetarian
Serving method              : consume with empty stomach. Can be consume directly or  mix with warm water (not more than 45℃)
Health maintenance      : 1 – 2 sachets daily
Anti-diseases                  : 3 – 4 sachets daily

Good Bacteria’s Immunity System
Extensive clinical studies and medical professional research show that good bacteria can dramatically boost your immunity system to lower the cancer risk factors.
•    Prevent and treat constipation, diarrhea and poor digestion
•    Remove unwanted substances from colon, prevent obesity
•    Promote decomposition in metabolic process, reduce the growth of bad bacteria and harmful microorganism
•    Decompose cancer causing elements and prevent aging
•    Enhance total body rejuvenation, boost immunity system and initiate self recovery
•    Produce vitamins B, vitamins H, vitamins K, nicotinic acid, folic acid etc
•    Regulate blood cholesterol, protect against high blood pressure and heart disease
•    Promote absorption of calcium and prevent onset of osteoporosis
•    Prevent and improve lactose intolerance
•    Prevent yeast and fungi infection such as Candida Albicans
•    Reduction of bad breath, body odor and intestinal gas
•    Prevent “leaky gut syndrome”
•    Improve digestive function after antibiotic treatment


俄国微生物学家Dr. Metchnikoff (诺贝尔医学奖得主)於1908年报导巴尔干半岛居民平均寿命较长,专家学者探讨其原因,发现该居民长期食用乳酸菌制品而摄取大量的乳酸菌,因此抑制了体内易致病的因子和腐败物质,所以该岛居民平均寿命较长。多量摄取乳酸菌能促进体内进行代谢分解,减少腐败菌的作用,避免有害物质的产生,故能延缓老化现象达到养颜美容的效果。

HP-Probic味康乐益生菌剂含菌量特高达每小包300亿。它主要特性在于它结合了六种完善的原生活菌。A菌、L菌、B菌、C菌、SL菌以及MS菌在相辅相成的共生作用之下使益菌的增殖率加速。而且能抑制酸液低至pH 1.2,因此他们的活性不受胃酸的影响,发挥肠道的环保作用,能有效防止有害菌的滋殖以及提高身体免疫力。

•    有便秘、异常性软便、有下痢倾向及痔疮现象之人
•    各种慢性病的罹患者
•    疲倦昏沉、精神无法集中、记忆力衰退之小孩或成人
•    精神体力不佳、机能衰退之中老年人
•    肠胃功能不佳的小孩或成人
•    妇女受月经不顺困扰者
•    排毒不良导致身体异味或皮肤搔痒之人
•    毒素排解不良导致面疱、黑斑丛生之人
•    免疫能力差、抵抗力弱的儿童及成人
•    长期服用抗生素、避孕药、类固醇类等药物者
•    长期酗酒习惯或肝功能不佳者
•    长期受农药、化肥、抗生素、荷尔蒙毒害的人
•    过度摄取垃圾食物、体型肥胖的人
•    有口臭和肠胃气胀的人
•    含胆固醇过高的人
•    受真菌或酵母菌感染引起白带困扰者
•    非母乳哺育婴儿、断奶后的婴儿
•    因旅行而肠胃不适的人
•    工作压力过大及三餐不规则的人
•    皮肤粗糙、希望获得美容效果、促进新陈代谢的人
•    长期素食者


活菌量        :100亿/公克
内容量        :3g x 20包
适合对象    :婴幼儿、成人、孕妇、老人、素食者
食用方法    :空腹前食用,可直接食用或配温开水(温度低于45℃)
保健者        :每天1-2包
病状者        :每天3-4包


•    预防和治疗便秘、腹泻、消化不良。
•    清除肠内囤积物质,预防虚胖的效果。
•    进行代谢分解,减少腐败菌及有害物质滋长,发挥肠胃环保作用。
•    分解致癌物质、防止老化。
•    改善体质,增强免疫力,产生自然治愈力。
•    制造维生素B群、维生素H、维生素K、菸硷酸、叶酸。
•    降低胆固醇,预防高血压和心脏病。
•    促进钙质吸收和预防骨质疏松症。
•    预防和改善乳糖不耐症。
•    预防酵母菌和真菌如Candida Albicans感染。
•    消除体臭、口臭和肠胃气胀。
•    预防“肠道”渗透过敏症候群。
•    改善抗生素治疗后的消化功能。

High Intake Of HP-PROBIC Will Synthesize Vitamins, Provide Optimum Nutrients And Promote The Growth Of Good Bacteria


Who Need It? 那些人需要?

1.People with chronic constipation and diarrhea

HP-PROBIC produce lactobacillus that promote peristaltic bowel movement, normalize the speed of food entering the intestine and maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria.
* The clinical report from Yokohama Hospital, Japan shown that probiotic can improve 92% of constipation, 67% of diarrhea. This prove that lactobacilli provide an excellent healing effect in the stomach.

2.People who wish to prevent liver and kidney diseases, reduce cholesterol level, prevent high blood pressure and heart disease

The accumulation of toxins due to constipation and poor digestion in the body over a period of time may accelerate worsening of kidney function.
HP-Probic may improve digestive function, reduce the burden of liver and kidney, lower blood cholesterol, and thus prevent high blood pressure and heart diseases.

3.People with stomach upset, poor digestion. Those who wish to prevent gastric ulcer, stomach cancer and colon cancer.

Clinical researches prove that there is relationship between Helicobacter pylori infection, gastric ulcer and stomach cancer. HP-Probic can produce lactic acid to decompose sugar, aid digestion, inhibit the harmful effect of Helicobacter pylori and decompose cancer causing compounds.
University of America and Professor Tomotari Mitsuoka concluded that chronic constipation of more than 10 years or defecation of less than 2 times a week can easily transform normal cell into carcinogens.


4. People with rough skin who wish to improve the skin condition

HP-Probic improves functionality of excretory system to remove colon toxins, synthesizes vitamin B complex for a better skin complexion and improves vitality

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